About Robert Howard


RH aged 2.

Grew up in Wembley and discovered London as a child with the help of 2/6d ‘Red Rover’ bus ticket. Despite being a car owner, continued to use public transport.

Lived in Nottinghamshire since 1975.

1974–8 chaired the Midland Area Museums Service and 1981–5 chaired East Midlands Airport.

1984–2006 News Editor, Local History Magazine.

1991–2013 News Compiler, The Nottinghamshire Historian for Notts Local History Association.

2011-to date, Organiser, Angel Row History Forum for NLHA.

2013–to date, regular ‘On the Buses’ column in Nottingham Post.

Also accredited walk leader.

Blog since 2007 at: http://parkviews.blogspot.co.uk.

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