The 35 History Bus Day — a success

It’s ten days since the 35 History Bus ride came and went, and being the person leading the event (nominally), I had no time to take any photographs, so the few I have here are all courtesy of Nottingham City Transport.

The bus was a sell-out, but a few did not turn up. I suspect the miserable weather put them off. It rained all the time, yet nearly everyone got off the bus and followed me on a short work through Bilborough village. That was impressive. Then at the end of the journey, we met others in Angel Row Local Studies Library and were treated to mix of food and a lesson of sorts in Old English.

There were two Old English speakers on the bus, Paul Cavill downstairs and Geoffrey Littlejohns upstairs announcing place-names in Old English. From the feedback, everyone  seemed to enjoy the experience.

We also had the TravelRight history and walk Guide to the 35 bus hot off the presses and I lost count of how many faces I saw buried deep into copies of the Guide. Local historian and graphic designer Chris Matthews took my maps and text and re-created them in TravelRight’s house-style and Juliet Line edited the text  so that it could be fitted into the space available. Thank you to both of them.

John Parker, the Chair of Nottinghamshire Local History Association (NLHA) was waiting for us at the Library with displays and information. It really was a team effort, so a big thank you to all involved.

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People board the first of what will be a fleet of refurbished double-deckers for the 35 bus route this summer.

These are the folk who made it happen for me, from left to right: me; Andy from RideWise; Juliet from TravelRight; Paul from Nottingham University; Paul from Nottingham City Transport; Chris, who designed the leaflet, and Geoffrey from English Companions.






A passenger looking at the leaflet map. Such was the awfulness of the weather that the windows steamed up.



We had four stopping points along the route, when I dashed up and down the stairs and repeated myself twice. Seeing myself in this rain hat I am reminded of a walk I did for Radio Nottingham around Lenton a few years ago. It rained then and I wore the same hat. Not pretty, but it keeps my head dry!

Finally, an apology for not being as up-to-date with things on the website as I would like, but since October last year, when we finally decided to downsize for our old age, my wife Susan and been locked into the process of preparing our house in Lenton for sale, then trying to sell it, then when we did sell it, trying to find somewhere to buy. Inevitably, there have been hiccups along the way, but we have found a house in Beeston and we spent the weekend filling in endless forms — all very different to 1979, the last time we did it. In the midst of all this I was seventy a couple of weeks ago and I had a very enjoyable week of lunches with family and friends.

Realistically, getting up to speed is going to take me a little longer than I originally envisaged, so please bear with me.


































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