This page is still under construction, It will take me a few weeks to add map pages for those places highlighted by yellow squares. Also the list of place shown on the map need to have web-links added, so please bear with. My aim is to have the website ready for official launching on 24 May 2014.

Nottingham History Bus Routes Map

PLACE / Neighbourhood Heritage Bus Route(s)
CITY CENTRE Albert Hall, Derby Road, to south of RC ~Cathedral. Map location 9. ALL City Centre bus routes within 10 minute walking distance.
CITY CENTRE (near), Arboretum.Map location 2. NET (High School stop) or10 minute walk from Old Market Square.
CITY CENTRE Bonington Gallery (Nott’m Trent Univ.)Map location 4. ALL City Centre bus routes within 10 minute walking distance.
CITY CENTRE Brewhouse Yard Museum, Castle Boulevard. Map location 34. 14, Y5 stop outside.ALL City Centre bus routes within walking distance.
CITY CENTRE Brian Clough Statue, junction of King and Queen streets. Map location 13. ALL City Centre bus routes within walking distance.
CITY CENTRE Broadway Cinema, Broad Street. Map location 16. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Bromley House (subscription) Library, Angel Row. map location 11. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Castle Museum and Grounds, off Friar Lane. Map location 33. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Caves (Broadmarsh) off Low Pavement entrance. map location 26. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Galleries of Justice, High Pavement. Map location 24 - ditto -
CITY CENTRE (near), General CemeteryMap location 3. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Malt Cross (old music hall, now a café bar), St Jame’s Street. map location 12. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Old Market Square and Council House. Map location 14. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE The Lace Market and St Mary’s Church, High Pavement / Stoney Street. Map location 23. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Nottingham Arts (Co-op) Theatre, George Street. map location 15. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Nottingham Central Library (Local Studies Library on 1st floor), Angel Row. Map location 10. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Nottingham Contemporary, High Pavement by Fletchergate. Map location 25. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Nottingham & Beeston Canal, runs south of Canal Street and Castle Boulevard. Can be accessed from Wilford Street, Carrington Street and London Road. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Nottingham & Beeston Canal Warehouses (north side, accessible from Canal Street). Map location 36. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Nottingham Playhouse, off Derby Road beside RC Cathedral. Map location 8. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Nottingham Railway Station, Carrington Street. Map location 38. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Nottingham Society of Artists Gallery, Friar Lane. map location 30. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Victoria Leisure Centre and Sneinton Market (Saturdays). Map location 17. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Ye Olde trip To Jerusalem public house, Castle Road, Map location 35. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Nottinghamshire County Archives, Wilford Street.  Map location 37. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Paul Smith shop (in historic house), Low Pavement. Map location 27. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Robin Hood statue, Castle Road. Map location 31. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE  Rock City music venue, Talbot Street. Map location 5. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Roman Catholic Cathedral, Derby Road. Map location 7. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Royal Centre (Theatre Royal and Concert Hall), Upper Parliament Street. Map location 7. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE St Nicholas Church, St Peter’s Gate. map location 29. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE St Peter’s Church, St Peter’s Gate. map location 28. - ditto -
CITY CENTRE Severns (Medieval) House, Castle Road. Map location 32. - ditto -
DUNKIRK Highfields Park, also Djanology Art Centre and  Lakeside Arts Centre Indigo, Skylink, 18, 20, 34, Y5, L12, L53 (near),  L64 (near).
DUNKIRK Highfields Park, Nottingham University Archaeology Museum - ditto -
DUNKIRK, Dunkirk Pond and Beeston Sidings Nature Reserves - ditto -
HYSON GREEN New Art Exchange NET (The Forest stop), L12 (near, 5 min walk).
MANSFIELD ROAD Rock Cemetery (ten minutes walk up Mansfield Road from Victoria Centre) 15, 16, 17 (Milton St, opposite Victoria Centre)5 min bus ride / 15 min walk.
ST ANNS, St Anns Allotments Visitor Centre, Ransom Road. Map Location 1. 42
ST ANNS, Stonebridge City Farm, Stonebridge Road. Map location 18. 39
SNEINTON, Green’s Mill & Science Centre, off Sneinton Road, Map location 19. 43
SNEINTON, William Booth Memorial Complex, Sneinton Road. Map location 20. 43
VICTORIA EMBANKMENT and River Trent walk(access from Trent Bridge) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Cotgrave Connection, Keyworth Connection, Ruddington Connection,
WOLLATON PARK SOUTH ENTRANCE (Derby Road) for Nottingham Industrial Museum, Wollaton Hall and Yard Gallery. i4, 21, 35, 36, Y36.
WOLLATON PARK EAST ENTRANCE (Ring Road) for Nottingham Industrial Museum, Wollaton Hall and Yard Gallery (5 mins walk from QMC bus stops)  i4, 14, 18, 20, 21, 35, 36, 63, L3, L5, L12, L33 L53, L64, Y36, Citylink, Indigo, Medilink, Red Arrow.
WOLLATON PARK NORTH ENTRANCE (Wollaton Road) for Nottingham Industrial Museum, Wollaton Hall and Yard Gallery. 30 (stops outside), Two & L33 (five min walk).
WOLLATON Dovecote, Bramcote Lane, 30


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