NCT publish their own History By Bus Map

NCT 100 days out cvr001

This is the cover of a new leaflet by Nottingham City Transport. It is very good and shows what can be achieved when you have the necessary financial resources.  There are also 32 ‘exclusive discounts’ advertised, which you can take advantage of on presentation of a valid GroupRider ticket. Having argued for a good few years that NCT should be doing something like this, I am going to save any criticisms I might have until they publish their 2015 edition. I make no claims that is original, other than the fact that it is the first website in Nottinghamshire to bring history and buses together in a systematic way. You can pick up a copy of the NCT leaflet from the NCT Travel Centre, South Parade, Old Market Square, Nottingham, or down load online pdf files here: Nottingham-wide Map; City Centre Map; List of attractions and linking bus routes and the exclusive discounts list
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