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Everyone travelling to and from Nottingham via the Derby Road goes past Lenton Lodge. It is one of the city’s historic landmarks. Certainly the grandest. The bus stop is known as Hillside. web 140415 35 at Lenton Lodge web 140415 36 at Lenton Lodge Sherwood Foresters cross the Leen Sept 1914 NTGM010535 I took this photograph some years ago, before it was ‘commercialised’ with signage and its frontage became a car park. The Lodge was built in the early-1800s in the style of Wollaton Hall, when the then Nottingham Canal became the estate’s eastern boundary. After Wollaton Hall Estate was bought by the City Council in 1924, some of the surrounding land as sold off to help pay for its purchase. As a result, the gatehouse has become detached from what is now Wollaton Hall Park. The Derby Road was the Estate’s southern boundary and there is another gatehouse on the Derby Road called Beeston Lodge (see below), about one mile west of this point, which is known as Hillside. The photograph above shows a Nottingham City Transport 35 picking up passengers as it heads towards the City Centre. The route used to be operated by double-deckers, but was made single-deck some years ago. The good news is that sometime during 2014 double-deckers will return to the 35 bus route and the TravelRight History By 35 Bus Day from Bulwell on 24 May 2014 will be a double-decker (to pre-book a ticket, contact TravelRight). From this point on the Derby Road there are also visible remains of the Nottingham Canal and the River Leen. Close by are the Jelley Homes and Woodsend Memorial Homes and The Rose & Crown public house. The photograph above shows soldiers the Sherwood Foresters Regiment in 1914 crossing Nottingham Canal, with the original Rose & Crown to the centre of the photograph. The Lenton Times website has information about all these places, including Hillside itself. For more information about the historic significance of Hillside, visit the Derby Road page on the Lenton Times website. Beeston Lodge: Wollaton Park south entrance I took this photograph of Beeston Lodge, the south entrance to Wollaton Park, on Derby Road in 2008. Its facia is this dirty colour and is very different to Lenton Lodge, but was built at the same time as the long high wall along the Derby Road, when the Middleton family, who then owned the estate, feared a popular uprising and wanted to protect the estate as best they could.

Every bus stop in Nottingham is a history bus stop, but few have as many historic landmarks as the 35 and the other bus routes which travel along the Derby Road at this point.

FOOTNOTE POSTED 8 MAY 2014: Found this wonderful aerial view of Hillside in 1937 on the English Heritage website. Click this link for more information.

Lenton Lodge Aerial View 1937

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